5 outstanding advantages help PNR Estella conquer investors

As one of the projects attracting the attention of investors at the end of 2020, PNR Estella urban area possesses many outstanding competitive factors. Here are 5 factors that help this project conquer investors.

1. Large scale, strategic location
PNR Estella is one of the largest projects in Trang Bom area with a scale of up to 32.8 hectares. The project provides the market with more than 2,000 garden townhouses and commercial townhouses with a unique utility system. With this scale, PNR Estella has become a bright spot for urban development in Trang Bom, contributing to speeding up urbanization for the locality and meeting the demand for high-class accommodation for the workforce working in industry zones. In particular, PNR Estella is located in the overall Song May urban - industrial area with the scale of 473ha, adjacent to the city. Bien Hoa. In the future, this place will flourish with the appearance of commercial streets, shopping centers, financial centers, restaurants, hotels, ... promising to become a new destination for trade. top, entertainment, entertainment, ecotourism.

The overall perspective of PNR Estella urban area is the focus of attention in Trang Bom

2. Rich Utilities
PNR Estella integrates a system of utilities including schools, supermarkets, medical centers, sports facilities, and community activities. In particular, the project has 7 parks arranged alternately with each subdivision, creating a green living space, close to nature for residents. And yet, PNR Eatella also owns a diverse system of associated facilities such as Lotte Mart supermarket, 6 traditional markets, schools, general hospital, administrative center, eco-tourism area of Song May lake 300ha, Giang Dien waterfall, Son Tien, 260ha golf course ... promises to bring residents a worthy experience. As a result, all daily needs of residents are quickly responded to the best.

Shophouse of PNR Estella is a product that integrates many added values for owners

3. The potential for exploiting commercial  trade 

With the advantage of being opposite Song May market in the 473ha Song May industrial park with tens of thousands of experts and engineers working, PNR Estella integrates outstanding commercial exploitation potential. In particular, the project is located on the arterial road DT 767 and the North-South trade axis including Highway 1A, Bac Son Avenue - Long Thanh, Vo Nguyen Giap Avenue, Highway 51, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Expressway. Thanh - Dau Giay, North - South railway ... so population density is crowded, trade of goods and services is always exciting. Shophouse owners at PNR Estella can build houses in combination with various industries such as hotels, rentals, restaurants, karaoke, bars, beauty care centers ...

4. Standard legal standards
One plus point of PNR Estella is that there is a complete legal and transparent publicity on the portal of Dong Nai province and the website of the Ministry of Construction, so customers are completely secure when making transactions. Dong Nai market currently has many projects for sale, but mixed gold, difficult to verify by legal, so buyers often suffer many losses when there are risks. With PNR Estella, the project not only completes the legal requirements before being released to the market, but also can quickly and synchronously check the progress of infrastructure construction at the construction site. This gives customers peace of mind and the opportunity to increase property value very quickly, and legitimate and legal rights to property ownership are also guaranteed.

Fast construction infrastructure is an advantage of PNR Estella compared to projects in Dong Nai market

5. Preeminent investment opportunities
At this time, PNR Estella is one of the projects with competitive price and the most preeminent customer support policy in Trang Bom area. Accordingly, just accumulating the initial capital of about 379 million VND, customers can own a land with their own red book; the rest are paid in long-term installments. Along with that, in order to appreciate the trust of customers, PN Holding Group also launched an attractive promotion "Buy gold land - Van gratitude" with a total value of up to 8 billion VND. Joining this program, customers have the opportunity to own great prizes such as Toyota Camry, Honda City, Honda SH, Honda Air Blade ... and a series of other high value gifts. This is clearly an attractive investment opportunity for customers with a strategic vision of the potential of PNR Estella urban area in Trang Bom.