PNR Estella benefits from a breakthrough in infrastructure and industry

Possessing many advantages, but Trang Bom and Vinh Cuu areas are still considered as "low-lying areas" in the real estate market of Dong Nai. Therefore, recently many investors have come to this area to seize opportunities when many infrastructure projects and industrial parks are simultaneously deployed.

"Low-lying areas" real estate prices

 In Dong Nai, Trang Bom is currently second only to Bien Hoa in terms of population density with nearly 1 million people, with an average economic growth of 15% per year in the direction of giving priority to industry, trade - services. With 4 large industrial zones namely Song May, Bau Xeo, Ho Nai, Giang Dien and many interwoven industrial and handicraft clusters, Trang Bom also welcomes about 100,000 migrant workers each year.

With its strategic location, Trang Bom is aiming to become a town in the next few years. Therefore, the government is very interested in investing in infrastructure to create a more convenient connection for Trang Bom. In addition to many strategic routes such as National Highway 1A, DT 767, DT 762, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, North - South Railway, Highway 20, Trang Bom is also investing in new projects. such as Trang Bom - Long Thanh, Trang Bom - Cay Gao, Belt 4 ... All to turn Trang Bom into a traffic hub serving the function of becoming Dong Nai's production and logictics center.

Adjacent to Trang Bom, Vinh Cuu area is also busy implementing infrastructure projects to welcome new investment capital flows. In which, priority will be given to capital for implementing 10 infrastructure projects, urban improvement including Hieu Liem bridge, Tan Trach stream embankment, construction of embankments of Lang Nguyen stream, Ky Lan street, Ben Cat street, Vinh Tan street Tan An, Binh Luc - Tan Trieu bridge and road, DT 762 road, DT 768B ...

If infrastructure and population develop, it is inevitable that the real estate market will develop. Many investors are looking at the real estate of Trang Bom and Vinh Cuu as a delicious piece of cake. In Trang Bom, from the beginning of 2019 until now, real estate transactions are very active, a new price level has been quickly established.

Adjacent to Trang Bom, Vinh Cuu area is also busy implementing infrastructure projects to welcome new investment capital.

Currently, land prices near the existing industrial and residential zones in Trang Bom are at VND15-20 million / m². Further locations also reach VND 12-15 million / m². This price is 30-35% higher than a few years ago but still much lower than the adjacent Bien Hoa city or the area around Long Thanh airport, which still takes a very long time to develop. Meanwhile, Trang Bom is accelerating its investment and promises to become an extension of Bien Hoa city, so the price increase amplitude remains much.

Welcoming a new investment wave

 The year 2021 is forecasted to be a boom year for Dong Nai real estate when a series of key infrastructure projects are promoted such as Ring 3, Ring 4, Dau Giay - Phan Thiet, Dau Giay - Lien Expressway. Khuong, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau.

In fact, there is a massive inflow of investment capital pouring into real estate Trang Bom and Vinh Cuu. Particularly in 2020, Vinh Cuu has planned to build 6 residential projects with a total area of nearly 188 hectares, mostly concentrated in industrial development areas, densely populated areas. In Trang Bom, there are 25 ongoing housing projects, many of which are large-scale projects up to tens of hectares with modern planning, full of utilities, promising to attract real investors. movables.

A typical example is the 32.8-hectare PNR Estella urban area developed and distributed by PN Holding Group, located in Song May urban - industrial area with the scale of 473 ha. Not only holding a prime location, PNR Estella also has complete legal status and very fast infrastructure construction. In particular, with the goal of becoming the first model city in the region, PNR Estella is integrated with a high-class utility system such as 7 parks, landscape ecological lakes; 3 schools; commercial center and commercial-office complex; hospital; Sports and Exercises area; Children's play area… When completed, this will be an ideal and classy residence for residents.

PNR Estella urban area, scale of 32.8, is invested in professional and fully equipped infrastructure
According to real estate traders, PNR Estella benefits greatly from the infrastructure system and industrial development. According to the plan, by 2025, Trang Bom will have an area of about 1,571 hectares and a population of about 120,000 people. During this period, Trang Bom will transform into a town with a very high density of population, and own a developed industry based on high technology, using a lot of gray matter to increase competitiveness. Vinh Cuu is also investing heavily in infrastructure and developing many large industrial zones such as Thanh Phu, a production cluster in Tan Binh commune ...

Recently, PN Holding Group announced to the market 150 products of PNR Estella and attracted many interested investors. Accordingly, with only the initial amount of VND 379 million, customers can own a fully legal land, infrastructure and also participate in a promotion with a total value of up to 8 billion VND including prizes. rewards such as Toyota Camry, Honda City, Honda SH, Honda Air Blade ...