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Dear Valued Partners and Customers

PN Holding Group Joint Stock Company is established on 14-8-2019, Operating in the field of project development investment; Real Estate Investment Consulting; Brokerage services; Exclusive distribution of real estate projects … 

Viet Nam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia region and striving for a prosperous people and a strong country! gradually integrate into the region and the world. In the past years, economy keep developing stable, state institutions and policies have been completed. The Real Estate Industry is a unique industry that contributes greatly to economic growth, creating a new modern urban face for Viet Nam

Firstly: To customers, we provide various products such as terrace, townhouse, apartment, land … to meet real demand of customers. Also, we mainly focus on projects in Ho Chi Minh city or the Southeast region...especially near Industrial Zones -where there is a high population density, high demand for rent or buy accommodation 

With a wide variety of products that we consider carefully developed. Investors will have products with faster liquidity and higher profit margins. We want to companion with customers, together create quality and modern urban area, prosperous community and contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam's real estate industry.

Secondly: For shareholders and strategic partners, our missions and values have to go with dilligent, honest and prestige in the every way we do. We aim to fulfill what shareholders and strategic partners need in the high efficiency way.

Thirdly: For employees of the company, PN Holding wil be a second home of all employees with the aim of boosting and supporting high and stable income. Board of General Directors are specifically care about and toward  motto “High income and high standard of living"  as well as improve professional working environment, employees capacity.

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Developers - Trustworthy investment
Developers - Trustworthy investment
Experienced Employees
Experienced Employees
Professional working environment
Professional working environment
More than 40 affiliated companies across the country
More than 40 affiliated companies across the country

Hottest News

PN Holding Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to distribute the King Crown Infinity project of Bamboo Capital
In the morning of November 21, 2020, PN Holding Group signed a cooperation agreement to distribute King Crown Infinity project - Thu Duc luxury apartment project developed by Bamboo Capital Group (BCG).
5 outstanding advantages help PNR Estella conquer investors
As one of the projects attracting the attention of investors at the end of 2020, PNR Estella urban area possesses many outstanding competitive factors. Here are 5 factors that help this project conquer investors.
PNR Estella benefits from a breakthrough in infrastructure and industry
Possessing many advantages, but Trang Bom and Vinh Cuu areas are still considered as "low-lying areas" in the real estate market of Dong Nai. Therefore, recently many investors have come to this area to seize opportunities when many infrastructure projects and industrial parks are simultaneously deployed.
PNR Estella: The phenomenon in the Dong Nai real estate market
Every week, welcoming hundreds of customers to learn information and transactions, the PNR Estella urban area project is creating a phenomenon in the Dong Nai real estate market.