PNR Estella: The phenomenon in the Dong Nai real estate market

Every week, welcoming hundreds of customers to learn information and transactions, the PNR Estella urban area project is creating a phenomenon in the Dong Nai real estate market.

Impressive ecological lake of the PNR Estella urban area.

Model urban area for experts
From the beginning of December 2020, Dong Nai market suddenly welcomed a new real estate project with many outstanding advantages. It is the commercial urban area PNR Estella developed and distributed by PN Holding Group.

With a scale of up to 32.8ha, PNR Estella is a model urban area with a modern and synchronous infrastructure system located right in Song May urban - industrial area 473ha, frontage DT 767. It is a large-scale centralized urban-industrial area, with modern and convenient infrastructure for connection, so it is supported for development by Dong Nai province. Currently, this whole industrial park is filled with tens of thousands of experts and engineers working. The area of urban development serving the needs of living, entertainment, relaxation and shopping of this workforce is the PNR Estella project.

According to PN Holding Group, PNR Estella urban area provides customers with more than 2,000 shophouse and townhouse products and high-end utilities that first appeared in Trang Bom area. These include a commercial center, office complex - commercial and conference, sports area, walkway, 3 schools, health center, community activities area, eco clock landscape and up to 7 parks arranged interwoven with rows of houses. The target of PN Holding Group is to turn PNR Estella into the first model urban area in Trang Bom, serving the high-end needs of experts and engineers working in Song May Industrial Park as well as neighboring areas.

Shophouse, both in and in combination with business, is the expensive product of PNR Estella that is welcomed by many investors.

Besides, located in the existing development center of Trang Bom, PNR Estella also owns an extremely rich system of associated utilities. In just 5-10 minutes moving, PNR Estella residents will have access to 6 traditional markets; large commercial centers such as Lotte Mart, Aeon Mall; Dong Nai General Hospital; eco-tourism areas of Song May lake, Giang Dien waterfall, Xoai garden ... Thanks to that, all residents' daily life needs are quickly and most convenient.

In particular, it can be said that PNR Estella is a rare project in Trang Bom that is legally completed before being released to the market. On the other hand, the project is well planned and the infrastructure is constructed very quickly, meeting high-class standards.

A wave of real estate price increases
Up to this point, the subdivisions of the PNR Estella project were all formed, the main roads began to be paved and the trees planted. PN Holding Group is also preparing to build a model house for customers to visit before making investment decisions.

In the real estate market, the projects located adjacent to or in the existing urban-industrial areas, residential areas all have very fast price increases, residents also quickly return to live after the investor. complete infrastructure. Because such projects are available at the same time to serve daily life and business can be exploited immediately. Therefore, these projects always create a strong attraction for real estate investors.

Hundreds of customers visit and trade PNR Estella products every weekend.

PNR Estella not only converges the two above factors but also excels with the advantages such as a complete utility system, solid legal, fast construction infrastructure but only needs an initial capital of 379 million VND. is already able to own. This explains why every week there are hundreds of visitors to the project and register for transactions. Even, many investors have confidently bought many products at the same time to wait for the selling price to increase to make a profit.

“I have just decided to book a transaction reservation for three PNR Estella shophouse products because I realized that the project has many rare advantages in the real estate market in Dong Nai. Besides the location and level of investment of the project, this area will soon develop very quickly and its potential is evident, not waiting for time. Therefore, I am confident that my investment will quickly bring profits ”, said Mr. Minh Thanh, a senior manager working in Song May Industrial Park.

In fact, Trang Bom is being prioritized by the Dong Nai government to invest in a connected infrastructure system to catch the wave of foreign investment flowing into Dong Nai increasingly strongly. Trillions of dong are being poured into this area to improve the face of urban areas, develop utilities and modern infrastructure systems. It can be mentioned as Ring Road 4, Bac Son - Long Thanh Boulevard, Dau Giay - Phan Thiet, Dau Giay - Lien Khuong Expressway ... On the other hand, Trang Bom is also preparing to go to a grade 3 city, so surely In the coming time, there will be a wave of real estate price increases on a large scale and that is the vision that makes investors rush to pour capital into the PNR Estella urban area to welcome.